Thursday, 10 February 2011

A new leaf...

So today two positive things have happened...

1. I have started exercise, a work-out DVD and I am so unfit I am currently very over weight so this isn't just about looking good in a wedding dress it is about my health and confidence. My weight worries the boyfriend we don't talk about it a lot but it came up in things when we discussed marriage. He doesn't care what size I am I have been big ever since we started going out it's more my health he's worried about. I hate my weight and the wedding has just given me that extra push I needed to get started once I have a job I am going to start swimming as I love it.

2. I have said on here over and over that my dream is to be a primary school teacher but a bad experience at college and being told i suffer from dyslexia and ADD (attention deficit disorder) (it runs in the family) has stopped me from doing anything about it. So today I emailed some uni's with my grades and some have replied and one uni sounded positive and the others just need me to get my grades up a bit.

So it's on wards and up wards if you have any tips for losing weight or are/know a teacher that could give me some advise that would be amazing.


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