Tuesday, 8 February 2011

With the dream comes the real life...

I suffer with arthritis which was passed on to me by my Dad and my fingers are now twice the size they were when I got engaged. So the original ring I got was far two small. This meant that I was without a ring for a long time. We bought cheap high street ring that turned my finger green but we didn't have the money to buy a ring.

Then I got that new job and we saved up and I finally had enough money to get a new ring we ordered it Boxing Day so it would be here in plenty of time for Valentines Day. I found one I loved from a company called Tru Diamonds although I liked a few, they're a British company that sell lovely CZ rings.

We received a letter of conformation dated 29/12/2010 that said it would be delivered in between 14 - 21 days. This Monday it still hadn't been delivered so I emailed the company asking them what was going on. They replied my ring is ready to be sent they just need payment. I was totally confused so I emailed them back and they said the letter was just confirming the order, payment is not taken till the item is ready to be dispatched. Which we were never told and was never indicated in any emails or letters or small print.

I thought the money had gone out but it was for something else. Now we don't have that money as I lost my job and our spare money is being put aside for the wedding budget. We had budgeted for the ring but that money is gone now meaning we can not afford the ring anymore. I emailed the company back explaining this and they haven't replied. In each email they sent they kept saying to call them and fix it, but that would be more money on phone calls.

I'm so bitterly disappointed and so is the boyfriend. He thought he had already got the ring as my engagement present so now there is no money for gifts and I will now just have to wait for wedding day and my wedding ring. But I was planning to get my wedding jewelry from there too. I have literally run to the door for the post man every day for a month for nothing.

A very disappointed

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