Sunday, 10 April 2011

New, bright and shiny...

Hey there,

Welcome to the new look Take My Hand. Apart from the obvious that my blog is now pink striped loveliness there are some other changes too. My about me page, well I have one, look at the top there it has my mug on it and lots of stuff about me. Next to that is my contact page which will lead you to my the blogs twitter and facebook pages and email address. I really mean this please get in touch I seriously love a chat about, music, clothes, the blog, me or just anything really. If you ask a question I might put it on my about me page so everyone can learn something lol.

Talking of the blogs facebook page I have had one for aaages! I wasn't however very good at keeping it up todate but now it's all linked to twitter on my phone. Which took me hours to sort it was a nightmare but the boyfriend jumped in and resuced me many times yesterday so huge thank you to him. (even though he looked like he wanted to kill me most of the time)

There will be more of an explanation in my next post about what the blog is going to be about from now on and why there are all these changes. I hope you all like it please let me know if you do or don't I can take it honest. If you have a blog which kick-ass or know one that is I'd also like some suggestions as I'm trying to branch out a little my interests are, people, music, food/cooking, art, homes, fashion just about anything really. I'll comment you and maybe you'll comment me and we'll be the best of friends so suggest way!

I'm back people sorry about the times away but it was neccessary and good I promise.

P.S. Listening to Florence and The Machine - Dog Days Are Over, When starting new is AMAZING!!!!