Friday, 5 November 2010

funfairs and fireworks...

Its fireworks night and I really love it, I didn’t so much when I was a kid I had hearing problems that meant it was always to loud but one night 3 years ago changed all that.

The first year the boyfriend and I were together he told me about this huge funfair that gets set up on a farm near us and they do fireworks as well. Some things you should know about the boyfriend and me, we’re not crazy about going out and having a wild time we’re old souls. Secondly, we’re not big on public displays of romance or affection. We’re very private and it works for us.

So we went to the fair now I get motion sickness if I get up to quickly (honestly I’m terrible!) and we got there and he said come on the waltzer with me. (Now I thought it would be like the ones I have been on before the little kiddie ones that go slow WRONG!) So blinded by love I went on it. I was almost sick, felt like my neck had been broken and I couldn’t see what direction to walk in order to get off. The boyfriend found this most amusing.


But this rest of the night was amazing I didn’t pay for a single thing all night, I had my first ever lemon and lime slush and now when ever I have one it takes me right back to that night and how in love and young I was. Its beautiful standing in a field that is normally empty and dark, but is for one night filled with all different kind of people and the bright lights and sounds of the rides and stalls.

We share hot donuts and I have sickly sweet treats like dummy rocks and honeycomb at the back of the fair where it’s dark and wait with everyone else for the fireworks. Excited children on sugar highs, playing with all the things they have won, surround us. And the fireworks start and their amazing well worth the money we paid to get in and everything goes quite apart from the children wowing at their favourite fireworks. The boyfriend holds me tight as we watch the fireworks everything is perfect and I have a huge smile on my face one of the best nights of my life.


Now we go every year we went last night and it was just as romantic and perfect as the first year. Filled with warm donuts, lemon and lime shushes and cuddles under the exploding fireworks. I could never fully do justice with words how much I love this night spent with the boyfriend and how romantic it is but I’m sure everyone has one night that they know changed their relationship forever in the most amazing way!


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