Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A wish list...

OK so I've seen a few different blogs do gift guides, I'm not going to do that I have loved these gift guides because I rubbish at think of what to get people I don't really know. If I know you well you will get an awesome gift if I don't well then I'm afraid it can be dire...

So when I was little my Mum used to give me the Argos book and tell me to cut out everything I wanted and we would send it to Father Christmas. Just for fun and because no asks me to do it any more I thought I might do it on here it might inspire you, it might not. But You guys advised if I sat down and wrote the ideas would and its almost Christmas so my thoughts are all about the pressies!

1. Kindle 3 - £109, 2. Leather Kindle Case With Light - £49.99, 3. Books From The Kindle Store

So first up the boyfriend and I are big on reading. My Mum used to come in at 3am to find me with a torch under the covers unable to put a book down. I love the fact that my imagination works in over drive when I read I see everything so clearly it's like watching a film. We have limited space in our room as it is, so being able to have all these book in something that's smaller than one book I love! Also it has a special screen that won't hurt your eyes, so that's why I want it instead of just using a Kindle app. The Case is Great because the boyfriend and read in bed and if one wants to read after the other it wouldn't be a problem, also I'm stupidly clumsy and drop everything so I need something to protect it.

4. LG LCD HD TV - £252, 5. Grey's Anatomy All Seasons - £111, 6. Private Practice Seasons 1-3 - £52, 7. Brothers & Sisters All - £50, 8. Son's of Anarchy Seasons 1-3 - £44
At the moment our TV is so old and huge and like I said above space is an issue, when you have a bedroom, living, study and storage space all in one ordinary sized room. This TV is 26" and is the best one I found for the price it has really good reviews. The boyfriend wants it for the gaming like xbox 360 he got for Christmas and I want it for TV shows and films. I am addicted to TV Boxsets and My most wanted ones at the moment would be Grey's Anatomy because it is my favourite every show, Private Practice it didn't really impress me all that much in the beginning but is really starting to pick up now, Brothers & Sisters I used to really love this but I feel it is slipping slightly I really hope it picks up again and Sons of Anarchy which the boyfriend suggested at first and I didn't really think it would be my thing, now I'm hooked and he doesn't watch it any more I love it.

9. Acer Aspire 5742z - £400, 10. The Sims 2 With All Expansion Packs, 11. The Sims 3
I got a laptop for my 16th birthday and I loved it but this year it died just gave up and could not be fixed, Then someone gave us a desktop but that died to so we have been without our own computer and it kills me. It mainly kills me because my Itunes and Ipod cannot be updated which I normally do everyday. Also it means that I can't just write posts and ideas leave them and come back, because we use someone else's computer and some of my post are so personal. I hate to be so dependant on technology but I can't live without it now. I love the Sims series of games its the only games I really play, a whole evening can fly past while I play this I don't understand why I'm so hooked but I am and I haven't played Sims 3 yet but I really want to.

12. Emerald Cut Antique Ring 2.4ct - Tru Diamonds - £100, 13. Emerald Cut Earrings 1ct - Tru Diamonds - £60, 14. Leather Jewelry Box - £50
I have been unable to wear my engagement ring because my fingers have swollen so badly because of medication and it really upsets me. I wanted to find a ring I loved, but all the styles I loved were costly and the only good fake websites I could find were in the US but one day I was looking through a magazine from the paper that was is the kitchen and it was advertising this UK website found this ring and I love it. Then I had a look around the website and found these earrings that match the centre stone, I have a lot of 'Junk Jewelry' but I'm starting to feel a little old for it so am looking it to jewelry I could keep for a long time. If I'm going to be getting all this lovely new bling I should really have something lovely to keep it in and this monster of a box would easily fit in all the jewelry I could ever own.

15. Red Leather Laptop Shoulder Bag - Ebay - £50, 16. Small Gold Plated Pewter Phonograph Music Box Necklace - Etsy - £14, 17. Vivienne Westwood & Melissa Lady Dragon Shoe - £120, 18. Asos Curve Belted Popper Coat - £47.50
I love this bad it would look amazing with the fur coat I got this year and the Asos Coat also it holds a laptop and has extra pockets for my kindle and all the other junk I carry around. I know I said no junk jewelry but I love this necklace and it would be perfect for the wedding and I do love a gramophone. Ahhh the lady dragons that are totally sold out unless you want to pay £400 for the only pair in this colour I could find *sob* no lovely wedding shoes for me I can't find the red heart one either so I shall have to go bare foot. I love this coat I have a fur coat for dressy occasions or just when I'm rocking out, I have a parka that was the best thing I have ever got since we have had so much snow, but spring will soon be here and I need a 'I'm totally grown up enough for this new job I have' coat and I think this might be it and they put it in the sale today!

19. The Sakura Bath Ballistic - Lush - £3.20 each, 20. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap - Lush - £2.95 per 100g
I had to finish with bath products everyone always gets you smellies for Christmas my if I have get them then I'd love them from Lush. I have very sensitive skin and their product smell amazing and I've never had a reaction to any of there products. These are just my two all time favourites that I go back to time and time again. The Sakura Bath Ballistic smells amazing I put it in the bath and then wash my hair in the bath too and I smell like it until I wash again and it makes my hair and skin so soft! Honey I Washed The Kid Soap I my favourite smell ever! The first product I ever got from Lush and years on you still can't beat it.

I think it probably more likely that I'll end up buying myself this stuff through out the year. I hope you get everything you wish for. Please comment and let me know all the things you want.

Love Simone


  1. I NEED a Kindle and a new laptop - and all those boxsets.

  2. I got the bag about an hour ago for myself... Christmas present for myself... it was my first ever purchase off of ebay. To be fair I had to have the bag really its totally a one off... ok I was naughty whatever
    I know I feel like I need it all too its like being 5 again