Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The dress countdown....

So its going to be a 3 post day which almost never happens

We're back to those beautiful dresses see the first and second posts if you missed them but on to number 5...

This is Estela by Rosa Clara

What a beauty I'd like to say I'd be brave enough to wear black but I wouldn't be, so I'd have it in white but it's every princesses dream but still has sophistication. I love how tiny and doll like this dress makes the model look. Simply stunning

Dress Number 4, Delaney - Vera Wang

oh how I'd love to be dressed in Vera wany on my wedding day, it's a long shot to be honest and I loved all of her dresses, it's understandable that when you think wedding dress you think Vera Wang. But this was the dress of her's I could actually see myself in simple clean with that killer bow.



  1. *need* Estela! Figure in black I could wear it to my 30th for example...which is still a long way off but it's good to plan ahead right?!? Can't wait to see dress number 1! x

  2. Estela is a stunner! wearing for a party such an amzing idea I am 21 this year... maybe a bit much for dinner out with the family though lol If I can't you so should I'd love to see this dress worn by a real woman that won't stand in that silly pose