Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The dress countdown...

So we're almost at the finish line... Read here, here and here for the rest of the countdown.

But today we're on to dress 3 and 2
Align Centre
So at number 3 which is, Jewel JL307 by Priscilla of Boston

I love this dress as it is but because we are having such a tiny wedding and its going to be uber short, I like the idea of a short dress because I could wear it all day but everyone keeps telling me I would regret not having a big dress, so look at this *it's AMAZING*

I love it would be so cool lol *easily pleased* would solve all my problems. Again I like that It covers my back and it has such an elegance. I'm not sure about her shoes though lol

Dress number 2 is, Beatrix by Elizabeth Dye

Well there had to be a sort dress I'm still really undecided about a long or a sort dress, I think my main problem with a sort dress is loads of them are very 50's which I love but it just isn't my normal style or they are soooo plain! I really struggle to pick just one dress once I found Elizabeth Dye and then Sarah Seven. The reason I picked Dye over Seven for the number two spot was that I love Sarah Seven's dresses but I don't think I have the body to pull of one of her creations and I think my Nan and Dad would die if I wore and short dress with a corset top in a church lol.

So back to Elizabeth Dye all of her dresses are so whimsical I love them I had a really hard time picking my favourite. It bums me out that her dresses go to a size 12 as a lady a few sizes bigger than that. So it is not an actual option but I do love this dress and all its simple girly loveliness with a huge short veil is how I would rock it.

and tomorrow will be my number 1 dream dress!


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