Thursday, 24 March 2011

The dress countdown...

Ok so here we are dress nummber 1... the dress I have not been able to get out of me head since I first saw it, the dress at all other dresses have been compared to...

David Fielden - 7240

Oh I swoon this is not the dress I would have thought I would be crazy about but oh boy I am. That neckline is just what I want it covers my bits I don't like, but its all laid back and pretty at the same time, the tulle at the bottom still says bride even though the top looks so effortless, it even has a bow one thing that definately had to be on my dream dress. I love it and the more i look at it the more i love it!

The boyfriend will love it because I would look like me and will probably wear flats under it and wear it with a cardigan lol It's frou frou enough to keep the ladies of my family happy but relaxed enough that I would feel like a total stranger. I want!

Hope you have enjoyed my dream dress countdown, you can catch the other posts here, here, here and here. Please tell me your dream picks or which of my dresses you liked the most.


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